Montag, 14. August 2017

60 Minuten - Playlist vom 14. August 2017

Wir blicken weit zurück und haben die längste Playlist ever in dieser Ausgabe!

Island in the sun
Fuzzy Vox
Don’t leave me behind
The Electric Prunes
The great banana hoax
Mondo Fumatore
Just like breakwater
Moby Grape
Fall on you
The Dustaphonics
You don’t love me anymore
Albert King
Oh, pretty woman
Histoire seule
Pavo Pavo
Annie Hall
The Doors
People are strange
Fox and Bones
You’re so easy
Man & The Echo
Room with a view
Oh! Gunquit
Nomads of the lost
Huck Blues
About home
Ivory Clay
Whatever there was

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